"If you ever wanted to ever be anything, there'll always be somebody that'll shoot down any dream. There'll always be haters, that's the way it is. Hater-ni**as marry hater-b*tches and have hater-kids."

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Can't get any more real than that

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Thanks for this my smile for the day.I think I have heard all of these things in my time as a gym iottrucsnr Said with pretty much the same toneThanks again for the smilewould love to put this on my website, is that a possibility?Kindest regardsDawn

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I just thought of the<a href="http://bkqzpl.com"> pecfert</a> way to either force MS to FIX IE or banish it from the web:All Developers world wide agrees to STOP doing any special theatrics to make their sites work on MSIE. That's all you have to do.Just make your website work the way you want it to to on valid, standard compliant browsers, make sure your website code is all Valid and standards compliant but DO NOT include ANY special treatments to accommodate MSIE.Once the majority of websites on the web are strictly standards compliant and MSIE users are unable to access them with MSIE, The users will be forced to use a standards compliant browser and discover the joy they've been missing out on all these years.MS MAY then wake up and realize that they need to join the rest of the world. Or they may not. Either way, people will be using and enjoying standards compliant browsers and experiencing the web the way it's s'posed to be.

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Withing 20 seconds of <a href="http://xexyavmobs.com">dinliag</a> I was connected to their representative Marc Crawford. He was able to quickly and clearly guide me to the support I needed. It was such a shockingly great experience that I wanted to pass it along to potential purchasers.UPDATE 9-10 I own 4 of these cards now. I have more of these than any other card I own because they are a very good value for capacity/price/and speed. My initial disappointment over the lack of super high speed is outweighed by the reality that this card is an exceptional value.If you own a compact digital camera, or SD/HD video camera, this card will exceed the capabilities of all of them. For compact cameras the card isn't usually the slowest part of the data write process, it's the camera.This card unloads very quickly with a 20MB/s read speed. You will need a SDHC card reader if you don't have one. A standard SD card reader will not read a HC (high capacity) card.These cards make great gifts. I have given several of the 8 Gig cards as gifts and have received appreciation and great comments from all the recipients.UPDATED REVIEW:I purchased this card making the assumption that all class 10 cards had the same read and write speed. This was a poor assumption on my part. In order for a card to qualify for class 10 speed the card needs to be certified to have 10MB/s write and read speed. Some manufacturers classify their cards at a slower speed even though they qualify for a higher class. SanDisk make some cards that would qualify for class 10 and rates them as class 6.The product photo on Amazon does not have the card's speed printed on it. The card that was shipped shows the front of the card printed with 20MB/s which is the cards read speed. The cards write speed is 16MB/s.I own a SanDisk Extreme III class 10 card that has (up to) 30MB/s read and write speed. My Nikon D-90 that can take advantage of the SanDisk cards speed. The difference is the SanDisk card can capture 100 photos at fine resolution in 24 seconds. The Transcend card captures 66 photos in the same time/resolution.I reality very few people will ever have the need to drill off 100 photos in 24 seconds, but I can't stand to lose a good shot because the camera is slow while writing to the card and I can't fire the shutter. You can hear this happen at about 4.5 seconds in the video review. This does not happen with the SanDisk class 10 30MB/s card.If you own an SLR that is capable of rapid fire, high-resolution photography you may want to consider the SanDisk Extreme III 30 MB/s card. It is expensive.This card is reasonably priced for a class 10 card. Just know what you are getting, what your needs may be, and what else is available. I own other Transcend cards and they have always worked properly without any issues.The video that I attached shows this card with the same 24 seconds that I gave the SanDisk Card.To see the SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s video demo and review on Amazon go to:

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This cost fairly much careompd to an SD card but that is normal for these. 2GB cards just don't cut it for the PSP, with this I can hold a couple PSP and PS1 games. (Figure they average around one gig each and you will probably want to keep some music and pictures too). Just pop it in and use it. It's smaller than a UMD and holds a lot more. http://cxjirwtyhmg.com [url=http://sgzhmwktex.com]sgzhmwktex[/url] [link=http://dvtuejozkiw.com]dvtuejozkiw[/link]

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