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That's a very interesting point you make. Flavor is gtteing bigger here in North America. It's going to be interesting to see all of the changes it will effect in North American cuisine. I mean, the barbecue of the Southern States is a type of cooking I would call pretty American. It certainly isn't what I would call bland, but it would be interesting to see how interest in other, bolder flavors will effect it's tradition.

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I assume these "loss trleignas" plot the annual inflow of losses by loan book year on the y-axis and the # of years post-origination on the X-axis. I guess the logical next step is sum up the loss trleignas to get a plot of annual cash outflow due to losses?My concern with this model is that something may have fundamentally changed with recent losses. The worse case scenario is that lifetime default rates are higher than historicals, and these losses are coming in much earlier. Even if the MIs can cover the long-term losses, I am not sure they can survive the short-term cash-flow squeeze. It is also questionable whether the re-insurers can pay up when capital is needed, since everybody else will be collecting too.

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I always look<a href="http://wcbvuhas.com"> frorawd</a> to this link list in my reader. The commentary piques me to click through to at least a handful of stories each week. Thanks for compiling - I imagine it must take a bit of time.

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