Yeezy taught me that Beyonce has one of the best videos of all time.

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i love all his work but damn hes flat without da vodceor i used to think he cud hold a little note like the old apologize joint his voice is semi nice on dat singing wonder ow many takes he took on 808 s

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When Lil B opened with âAge Of Information,â the crowd kind of just stood anroud perplexed. But as soon as the lights changed and B started cursing and swearing that he was the greatest rapper alive, the Fort exploded. Once âWonton Soupâ started up, it was a tremendous party, and, admittedly, I had a blast.=========This is the majority of Lil B fans. I prefer songs like Age of Information and Exhibit Based over all of the other stuff he did, but that's why he the jester: He attract the misfits/rebels who want to cook while attracting people who read into his based lifestyle. A good friend of mine who is musically diverse explained why he likes Lil B so much and it basically was the positivity he expresses in his lifestyle while creating a journey to find music like Age of Information.OFWGKTA is odd to me. As a person who listens to lyrics, I'm not a fan of hearing the subject matter Tyler and Earl rap about, but when you consider Frank Ocean, the Jet Age of Tomorrow, and MelloHype (Hodgy and Left Brain), then there's something for everyone. I'm not sure if groups will have staying power a few years from now, but they're here and I'm waiting to see what they do next.SXSW 2012, I'm in there. Bout to talk up H-town Hip Hop with Brando, shake Gotty's hand and thank him for creating the site that eventually got me to write for my school's magazine (Only full color student ran magazine publication, I must add), and hit on LC. Oh, and tell TC how many times he made me die of laughter on Twitter. My roommates think I'm crazy as hell now.

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